New Project of FORD by Manny's

’00 Ford F150


2000 Ford F150

V-6 Automatic silver Standard Cab Pick-up XLT 65,000 Miles.
Fully Loaded: Power steering, power door locks, power windows,
air conditioning, ceiling mount thermometer and compass
Add-on's: Chip Foose 20" rims, full air suspension with front, back and side to side motion,
two 20 lb. C02 tanks with fully adjustable regulators, Firestone air bags,
8 Parker solenoids for quick air release,
remote control for air lifts, painted fiberglass bed lid,
full alarm with power window remote and automatic engine start,

fully tucked Flow Master muffler,Pioneer CD player and mirrored tinted windows.
Very well taken care of, always garaged, serviced regularly, one owner,
a lot of time and care invested.


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